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Changes to Core Surgical Training Recruitment - 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

This year’s application to Core Surgical Training has now opened and applications through Oriel are being accepted with the closing date fast approaching on 28thNovember 16:00. Health Education London and the South East will be co-ordintating the national recruitment again this year for England, Wales and Scotland.

For the 2020 application round we also see the addition of Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery to the Improving surgical training pilot, in addition to the existing pilots in General Surgery, Urology and Vascular Surgery. With regards to the pilot for the ST-1 run-through training in Otolaryngology, the SAC had this pilot approved for three years with posts starting in 2018 and therefore it is possible this may be the last year for run-through training for Otolaryngology for the near future.

The portfolio guidance and scoring has had some changes for this year’s round of applications. In particular one major change is that CPD courses (previously having a maximum of 4 points) are no longer marked separately and instead have been moved to be included in the commitment to specialty section with this section now having a maximum of 12 points compared to 8 points last year. Other changes to the 2020 application include, the removal of MD Doctor of medicine scoring points unless it is a two-year original research based degree, and the quality improvement sections now also accepting clinical audit projects as part of evidence too.

Currently on Oriel there are expected to be between 514-613 posts overall including the Improving Surgical Training pilot and the Otolaryngology ST1 run-through posts. Invites to interview will be sent on Thursday 19th December 2019 with interviews being held at the London Events Centre between 13th and 24th January 2020. The interview will consist of the usual three stations – management, portfolio and clinical scenario each lasting 10 minutes. Preferencing will open on 3rdFebruary 2020 for 2 weeks with initial offers being release by 5pm on Monday 17thFebruary 2020.

CST Guru wishes all applicants good luck with the interview process and we hope you find our online resource useful with your preparations!


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Oriel: https://www.pathway.oriel.nhs.uk/Web/Sys_Pages/Programme/ProgrammeDetail.aspx?filterProgrammeID=DBE986BD-6149-492A-BC39-41AE69231A34&TokenID=aac5d5ac-f5d3-41d8-bb01-b9a1c4b1de0c

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